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Amicrobe Announces Name Change to Macro Biologics

CARLSBAD, CA. March 31, 2023 -- Amicrobe, Inc. has adopted the name Macro Biologics. This new name better represents the Company's broad technology platform and business approach.

Macro biologics are the materials of life -- robust biological polymers that make up the living things around us. Two great examples from nature are 1) cellulose, the most abundant biological polymer on earth, which provides the structure of trees and plants; and 2) collagen, the most abundant protein in mammals, which provides most of our structure. Macro biologics can provide both structure and function, while being safe for us and the environment. 


Macro designs and produces new macro biologics for products across industries -- from therapeutics to food packaging. Our first class -- Amicidins -- are inspired by nature. They are purpose-built to block, cleanse and kill the lethal microbes that are gaining ground in our hospitals, nursing homes, consumer health products, and food & water.

Michael Bevilacqua, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer stated, "Our new name speaks to our purpose -- to use macro biologics, including Amicidins, to take on some of the world's biggest problems."

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