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Our first class of

synthetic macro biologics



Macro's first class of synthetic macro biologics are called Amicidins. Amicidins are amino acid polymers designed to block, cleanse, and kill microbes. Purpose-built for local application, each Amicidin has three key design features: 1) Beneficial physical mode-of-action (barrier to block or surfactant to cleanse); 2) Broad microbicidal mode-of-action (including antibiotic resistant bacteria); and 3) Safety for people and the environment. They work "early and local" to protect vulnerable tissues, like wounds and mucosal surfaces, from disease causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Like nature's own macro biologics, Amicidins are designed to be fully biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Amicidin Design Features

The physical properties of Amicidins enable versatile product formulation and fabrication for diverse applications across multiple industries.  These synthetic macro biologics, alone and with excipients, can yield new products or improve existing ones. In healthcare, possibilities include breakthrough therapeutics, innovative medical devices, gentler veterinary & pet care products, and enhanced consumer health & cosmetic products. Development is currently underway to bring next-generation products to life to prevent and treat life-threatening infections, including those caused by antibiotic resistant microbes (see Pipeline).


Our two lead Amicidins, Amicidin-α and Amicidin-β, are in four investigational products for the fields of surgery and trauma. Amicidin-α is the foundation for Amicidin-α Surgical and Amicidin-α PFC (Prolonged Field Care). Amicidin-β is the foundation for Amicidin-β Solution and Amicidin-β/EF (Extended Formulation; see Pipeline).


Looking to the future, single Amicidins are expected to yield multiple distinct products with diverse applications -- in some cases, across multiple industries. To learn more about corporate partnering opportunities, see Partnering.

A single Amicidin can yield multiple products

Amicidin Robust Manufacturing

Manufacturing by
robust polymer methods

Macro's synthetic biologics are manufactured by robust polymer methods (similar to those used for non-biological polymers like nylon). Kilogram scale production under GMP guidelines has been achieved. This technology and approach should allow cost-effective manufacturing through commercial production at metric ton scale. 

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