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Synthetic macro biologics

Biological polymers with 

physical properties & functional activities

Macro biologics are robust organic polymers with both physical properties and functional activities. Composed of natural building blocks, such as amino acids or carbohydrates, they assemble into multimeric structures providing materials that you can see and touch (or even throw against the wall). Importantly, they degrade into elements that can be handled readily by the body or the environment.

Why macro biologics?

Nature uses macro biologics to build the world we see around us. Cellulose is the most abundant organic molecule on Earth and provides structure for trees, plants, and crops. Collagen is the most abundant mammalian protein and provides structure to the entire

CEllulose Collagen.png

animal world, including us. For millennia, mankind has used natural macro biologics for food, clothing, packaging, and building materials to great benefit and little harm. By contrast, for about one hundred years, we have used large chemical structures to some benefit and substantial harm (e.g., plastics, "forever chemicals").

Going forward, we see a paradigm shift. Mankind needs to address several very big problems, ranging from the relentless rise of antibiotic resistance to the vast pollution of our oceans and food chain with plastics. To us, the answer is clear and compelling -- synthetic macro biologics that provide beneficial physical properties and functional activities, while being safe for man and the environment. We are committed to bringing about this paradigm shift -- urgently.


Because today’s big problems need big molecules

Manufacturing by
robust polymer methods

Macro's synthetic biologics are manufactured by robust polymer methods (similar to those used for non-biological polymers like nylon). Kilogram scale production under GMP guidelines has been achieved. This technology and approach should allow cost-effective manufacturing through commercial production at metric ton scale. 

Macro Biologics pledges its commitment to the highest standards of science, medicine, and business

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